Frendo Immigration provides bespoke immigration solutions for high and ultra-high net worth individuals and families. It is our belief that the best future is one with options, and it is our job to help our clients achieve a future filled with security, stability and options.

For better or for worse, our world is divided by political borders, which means that peoples’ ability to live in and travel to a country is sometimes restricted by virtue of their country of origin. Europe is a place where these political borders have, to a large extent, been removed. As a consequence, the ability to travel, live or retire or study in Europe is something which some take for granted and others aspire to acquire.

The motivations for wanting to become a citizen or resident of the European Union are numerous and varied. However, in many cases the underlying motivation is the long-term safety and prosperity of the next generation. We understand that regardless of what the motivation may be, becoming a citizen or resident of an EU country is a very important and personal matter and we treat it as such, every step of the way. Our clients are people of generally high net worth from various backgrounds, ethnicities and geographies. As a result, we are sensitive to the cultural subtleties of persons from different regions and this is also an important part of our service offering.

Frendo Advisory specialises in the Maltese Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment, which provides an expedited route to obtaining Maltese citizenship. We also advise on the residency programmes available in Malta, including the Malta Residence and Visa Programme (MRVP). The appropriate solution will differ according to the situation and needs of the individual.

Private Client Concierge Services

We do not stop at providing advisory services to our Private Clients. We go the whole nine yards and provide services that take care of their every need, from the moment that they set foot in Malta (and before) until the moment they depart (and beyond). We will book private travel, hotel accommodation, make restaurant suggestions and bookings, find private tour guides, book executive chauffeur transport, and literally everything in between. We manage the properties of many of our clients.

Immigration services are also available in St. Kitt’s.