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Malta ranked third out of five top retirement destinations

In a recent report by International Living, Malta ranks third out of five top retirement destinations across the globe where it’s easiest to integrate as an expat.

The ‘Fitting-in’ category of International Living’s 2022 Annual Global Retirement Index takes into consideration expat communities in the country, how easy it is for a single or LGBTQI+ person to adapt, how welcoming the locals are, and the use of English, among other factors. This category also reviews how easy it is for retired expats to feel ‘at home’.

International Living Executive Editor, Jennifer Stevens, explains that “the most successful expat retirees […] are very often those living in a place where there’s a community of fellow expats […] The easiest communities to fit into also offer plenty to do, they’re places where you can make local friends with relative ease, where communicating across language and cultures isn’t so difficult that you feel alienated. Landing in a spot where the locals are friendly and you can get by in English initially, at least, can help ease your transition into expat life.”

International Living Fitting-in Category:

Scoring 87 points out of 100, Portugal takes fifth place, with its low cost of living, high quality of life, reliable infrastructure, varied climate, world-class healthcare, and a high degree of safety. Panama is ranked at fourth place in the ‘Fitting-in’ category, whilst simultaneously ranking first in the overall Annual Global Retirement Index 2022.

Malta takes the third spot, having been a coveted destination in the Mediterranean for many centuries. Expats comprise 20% of the half-million population, there is a lot to do, and being an English-speaking island, fitting in is easy.

Ranked at second place is Costa Rica, known as one of the most popular retirement havens in Central America. First place was awarded to Mexico – a persistent winner of the category.

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