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Post-Brexit Residence Documents for UK Nationals in Malta

UK nationals in Malta must apply for new Residence Documents issued by Identity Malta to maintain their residence in the country.

The Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU came into effect on 1 February 2020, and identifies a Transition Period lasting until 31 December of this same year. During this time, UK nationals residing in other EU member states must apply for new Residence Documents in order to continue living, working, and studying in the EU. The rights of existing UK nationals residing in other member states will remain protected until the end of the Transition Period. Current Residence Permits will also be valid until the issuance of the new documents.

As per a legal notice released by Identity Malta, UK nationals and their family members having already resided in Malta for at least 3 months between February and December 2020 must submit their applications by June 2021. For any UK nationals with the right to commence residence after the end of the Transition Period, their application must be submitted within three months of their arrival, or by June 2021, whichever is latest. Any British citizens with the intention to take up residence in Malta any time during the Transition Period must apply by no later than three months after their arrival. As outlined in the Withdrawal Agreement, eligible family members are spouses or registered partners (if the relationship began before the end of December 2020), dependent children and grandchildren, and dependent parents and grandparents.

It is imperative that the stipulated time-frames are adhered to for the successful issuance of the updated Residence Document. Applicants must also pass Identity Malta background checks, as well as provide a declaration explaining any past criminal convictions, if applicable. As long as beneficiaries remain compliant with IM requirements, Residence Documents will remain valid for ten years, after which they will be automatically renewed.

The post-Brexit Residence Documents will afford UK nationals the right to move, reside, and work freely and without discrimination in any other EU member state. Access to state-benefits and pensions will also continue to be provided by the UK, as long as the relevant conditions are met. Education rights will also remain unchanged for studies commencing prior to the end of the Transition Period. UK-issued European Health Insurance Cards will remain valid until 31 December 2021, following which travel health insurance will be required. Professional qualifications will also continue to be recognized until the end of the Transition Period, with any pending cases to be finalized under the same conditions.

Any UK citizens and family members, who have held legal residence in Malta for at least five years by 31 December 2020, may still be granted the right to Permanent Residence. Upon fulfilment of all relevant conditions, beneficiaries of this status can maintain their permanent residence in Malta without the need to hold particular employment or follow studies in the country.

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